My Proposal

When I first saw the movie Food Inc, I was horrified by the scarring images of innocent piglets being fed chemicals through test tubes and chickens with wings so big that they could no longer stand up. When I saw the movie a second time in Human Geography class, I was told to focus more on the Americans who were allowing and even promoting the suffering of these animals for their own benefit. The genetic modification of organisms is a practice that I have always found inhumane, yet one that I would like to investigate further through this blog.

The genetic modification of both plants and animals is a relatively “modern” practice that involves altering the genetic makeup of organisms, through the use of biotechnology. Many of the foods we consume are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), though we aren’t usually aware of this. In America especially, GMOs have become increasingly popular as the population continues to expand and the demand for food rises. However, to what lengths are we willing to go to sustain this demand? GMOs could prove detrimental to our health and certainly to the wellbeing of animals.

Through further research into this topic, I intend to learn exactly how the genetic modification of organisms affects our culture, and how Americans as well as other cultures view this practice. Through interviews, in-depth research, and trips to nearby food factories, I hope to discover the logic behind this practice.


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